Sunday, January 1, 2012

A New Year's Wish List for Work

Happy New Year! As a new year starts, here is a wish list for work in 2012:

1. That the global unemployment rate declines so that the living standards of workers, their families, and their communities can improve.

2. That those who have too much work get less, and that those who don't have enough find more.

3. That we pay attention to job quality as well as employment rates when assessing the health of the labor market.

4. That the U.S. presidential candidates debate labor policies in an informed, reasoned manner.

5. That all workers who want a voice can exercise it, in whatever form desired.

6. That the attacks on public sector workers stop, and are replaced by a renewed, inclusive approach to labor-management problem solving that benefits workers and taxpayers alike.

7. That the American Crystal Sugar lockout be resolved.

8. That the Discovery Channel continues to air shows like Dirty Jobs, Swamp Loggers, and Flying Wild Alaska that show real workers doing important jobs with dignity, compassion, dedication, and good humor.

9. That at least some people read this blog, and maybe even my book on work, so that my work on work has some meaning!


  1. Professor John Budd,
    Wish list item "number 9" has come true. I have been reading and enjoying the whither Work blog, thanks again for the articles and updates.
    Steve Hanson
    MA-HRIR Candidate, Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota

  2. Dear Dr.Budd,
    What a nice blog! It is also great for me to follow you here since I can't do it on Twitter:(
    And I didn't expect to sign in and leave comment like this. Because my account for Web-based Email of UMN has already been closed. So it's good to be here. Thank you for sharing.
    Your wishes for the new year are all full of meaning. I hope them all come true! Wait for more updates.

  3. Excellent! One down, eight wishes to go!